FDLiveIn Consulting

FDLiveIn Consulting

FDLiveIn Consulting is the resource for all of your live-in program needs. Whether you have a live-in program that you want to revamp, or you want to start one from scratch, FDLiveIn’s experienced staff will take you from start to success!


Start with the FDLiveIn Program Templates

  • Your cost-effective alternative to expensive consulting

  • Customize your own program on your timeline

  • Over 50 pages of templates that give you a place to start

  • PLUS: 3-Months of FDLiveIn Consulting with your Template Package purchase

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The current and former live-ins on the FDLiveIn staff come from all over the country and will cover everything from setting up the firehouse, recruiting, training, managing and retention of your program.

Ask the FDLiveIn Crew!

With custom packages and services available, FDLiveIn can work with your department to do exactly what needs to be done to make your live-in program a successful one. Contact the FDLiveIn Consulting Crew today, then sit back and watch your bunkroom take shape right before your eyes!

Consulting Clients

Aetna Hose Hook & Ladder Company

Newark, DE
Aetna utilized the FDLiveIn DIY Package to start their unique college live-in program.  

Claymont Volunteer Fire Company

Claymont, DE
The leadership of Claymont and the FDLiveIn Crew worked together to revamp and reorganize their existing live-in program. The live-in program has made significant recruitment and organizational strides to better serve the citizens and ensure that the Claymont Fire Company is ready to take on whatever the future holds. 

The Bel Air Volunteer Fire Company

Bel Air, MD
The BAVFC contacted the FDLiveIn Crew to help them design and start a live-in program for their department. The FDLiveIn Crew came to understand exactly how the BAVFC operated, then developed custom solutions ranging from rules and regulations to budget recommendations and marketing practices for the company’s use.

The Morningside Volunteer Fire Department

Morningside, Maryland
The MVFD and the FDLiveIn Crew worked together to revamp and reorganize the existing live-in program at Morningside. Now that the structure of the program has been updated and refined for optimization and sustainability, Tiger Schmittendorf will be added to the equation for his recruit and retention expertise. FDLiveIn, LLC. and Tiger Schmittendorf work together frequently on these types of projects, producing excellent results for the client.

“I found FDLiveIn to be very supportive and creative, not attempting to repeat or use cookie cutter ideas to help us with our questions.”
 -Michael Poetker
  Morningside Volunteer Fire Department